Food from around the world wide web

The News and social media this week has been dominated by the horrific events in the US with the death of George Floyd and the consequences. Here are a couple of blog posts reflecting in the situation

The Gospel Demands that we confront the evil of racism – reflections from John Stevens, National Director of The FIEC

Book Review “We need to talk about race” by Ben Lindsay. – review by Jeremy Marshall.

Malcolm Corden teaches Donald Trump how to hold the Bible. James Corden’s dad on the late show. I think this starts out as just an intended dig at the President but watch as Malcolm Corden uses self depreciating humour to move to a point where he has the opportunity to open Scripture.

Away from controversies and current affairs, Stephen Kneale has been providing a number of video testimonies from his church family, here is Babak’s story

And of course we cannot escape from the ongoing impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. Ian Paul asks “What kind of church does the world need us to be?”

Out of the Freezer: Next week, we start a new series of Faithroots Live lectures on “Who is God?” Here’s a taster. God is Love and God is Trinity

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