Knowing God … knowing Jesus

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This is a kind of footnote to my article that looked at what we can say about The Trinity and what we can learn from the Trinity. In response to that article, Daniel Blanche made these provocative remarks. Was his comment fair? Well, yes, I think there is a fair challenge to be answered here. … Continue reading Knowing God … knowing Jesus

Kindness – the undervalued evidence of knowing God

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In Hosea 4:1, Yahweh brings his charge against Israel: There is no faithfulness or steadfast love,    and no knowledge of God in the land; Notice that God identifies three things missing from Israel: Faithfulness Knowledge of God Steadfast love (or kindness – NLT). The description here suggests a complete absence, not I think to suggest that no-one… Continue reading Kindness – the undervalued evidence of knowing God

Love conquers fear (5) Big Family of God

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In our next video, we look at 1 John 2:14-17. Do you find yourself envious of other Christians either because they have the benefit of maturity and experience or because they are fresh and full of the energy that comes with being new born believers? Do you struggle with the question of assurance?