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You can’t hack your way to a faithful ministry : “An industry has grown to help us. Books, blogs, podcasts, and conferences offer us tips and hacks for ministry. But here’s what every pastor needs to know: you can’t hack your way to a faithful ministry. You can’t learn pastoral ministry from blogs (including this one) or conferences. “

Privileged “In recent years the word ‘privileged’ has taken on a negative connotation. Think for a moment, in what subject matter did you hear the word ‘privileged’ last used? If I could guess your answer, I would imagine the vast majority would place the word in the context of racism.”

The future of missions is indigenous Eddie Arthur reports on a recent webinar.

She needs If you’ve not picked up on Nay Dawson’s little series of articles yet then I’d encourage you to work through all of them. These articles are important if you are thinking about what fruitful, supported Gospel ministry might look like for women within a complementarian context.

Where is the Holy Spirit in the Lord’s Prayer? Ian Paul asks if the prayer is properly Trinitarian.

The five words that should scare any pastor “I heard these words a few times as a youth pastor when I was just cutting my teeth in ministry, and I absolutely relished them. It was confirmation to my heart and my soul that I was doing what God had called me to do. I’ve heard these words now as a senior pastor and they aren’t nearly as appetizing—they are frightening.”

Out of the Freezer Are Christians meant to feed themselves? A couple of years back, a US church surveyed its members to get a better understanding of retention issues. They discovered that a major problem was that a lot of members, especially those who were mature Christians felt that they were not being properly fed. The church’s response?  They began to look at how they could communicate to members that it was their responsibility to feed themselves.

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