Preaching at the carol service

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So, it’s Sunday evening in the week before Christmas and the church building is packed.  This is probably the largest gathering you are likely to see all year, even if you pastor a large congregation.  There are lots of visitors. You recognise some friends and family of church members who have come with them.  Then,… Continue reading Preaching at the carol service

Hillsong and paying for Christmas

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Hillsong London are reportedly charging £10 for a ticket to one of their “Carol Concerts”.  These “concerts” are taking place at various times on Sundays in December, replacing the usual services at the church’s locations.  The Hillsong website refers to them as “performances.” There are a number of concerns I have with this.  Some of… Continue reading Hillsong and paying for Christmas

Preparing the Christmas Carol Service Sermon

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Over the next few weeks we are going to be doing something that we’ve not had the opportunity to do for the past couple of years, inviting people to come along to a Christmas Carol service.  It’s one of the few times of year when it’s reasonably easy to invite people along to a traditional… Continue reading Preparing the Christmas Carol Service Sermon