Can we make it more Biblical?

I remember a few years back that we had issues with a particularly disruptive church member. They liked to see themselves as the guardian of orthodoxy and so they would regularly find ways to protest and object. They would also write to us to tell us how we were somehow in league with some personContinue reading “Can we make it more Biblical?”

Is there such a thing as Biblical Manhood?

Quite a few years back now, the Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood was set up by the likes of John Piper and Wayne Grudem. The primary purpose of CBMW was to advocate for complementarianism – the belief that men and women  are made equal but different so that husbands are to exercise headship inContinue reading “Is there such a thing as Biblical Manhood?”

I could be in Boris Johnson or Keir’s shoes right now – I’m glad I’m not!

It’s 1995 and I’m in a room with half a dozen other people. We all have one thing in common. One day we would like to be Prime Minister and with the arrogance of youth we each believer that we uniquely have the ability to make that dream come true. Move forward to 2021 andContinue reading “I could be in Boris Johnson or Keir’s shoes right now – I’m glad I’m not!”

Zoom communion revisited

Back when we first went into lockdown, our church decided to use zoom and Facebook to enable us to continue gathering. We recognised that these means were not perfect but we felt that the Scriptural injunction to gather was so important that we should try by every means possible to do so. As a churchContinue reading “Zoom communion revisited”

A suppressed virus will always return

It’s not just Britain then -and it probably isn’t just about a new mutation. Around the world, coun tries are bracing themselves for a third wave of Coronavirus.  Today, the news attention has shifted focused form the South East of England to South Korea which is experiencing its own third wave of the virus. InContinue reading “A suppressed virus will always return”

“God has been so good to us”

We sat by the bed-side and leaned in close to listen. The lady was struggling to speak and it was hard to hear but the words came out oh so clearly “God has been so good to us.”  It was hard to hold back the tears. We were visiting for a membership interview.  The olderContinue reading ““God has been so good to us””

He is stronger than the Darkness

We’ve been learning this new song from Tommy and Eileen Walker over the past few weeks. Over the past few years, our Sunday Night Church congregation have grown fond of the worship songs provided by Tommy Walker.  The words that particularly struck me in this song are “He’s stronger than the darkness.”  Although this isn’tContinue reading “He is stronger than the Darkness”

The year we were given

2020 was not the year we asked for and not the year we expected.  A lot of people had focused on the big number year and its association with vision as a significant milestone to aim for. We all had 2020 visions.  Others also because of the symmetry of the year had planned big weddingContinue reading “The year we were given”

How might the Psalms help us in our walk and worship?

Yesterday I wrote about why we do not need to sing the Psalms. In response, I’ve heard from people about how helpful they personally and their churches have found singing them.  It is important not to confuse two things here. It is very different to say “you don’t have to sing them”  to saying “youContinue reading “How might the Psalms help us in our walk and worship?”

When you have to make someone redundant

In a previous article, I wrote for those who are experiencing being made redundant.  Today, I want to write about our responsibilities when we are the other side of the desk. If you are in a leadership position, then there is going to come a day when you will face the prospect of having toContinue reading “When you have to make someone redundant”