A vision for urban West Midlands Church planting

My current focus is on encouraging church planting into the Urban West Midlands. My desire is not to see one church growing big but to see a city that is full of churches bringing Gospel light to needy neighbourhoods. My specific concern is for those areas that are often less reached with the Gospel.  This… Continue reading A vision for urban West Midlands Church planting

Do we need to control immigration to protect our culture?

I promised the other day, that I would deal with one specific argument for why we need to tightly control immigration.  It is stated here: The argument is that mass immigration will distort and destroy our culture.  We therefore need to restrict immigration at a level which enables newcomers to assimilate into the host culture. … Continue reading Do we need to control immigration to protect our culture?

Pray for the Commonwealth Games

As I mentioned in an earlier article, the Commonwealth Games are approaching fast. I would like to encourage you to pray for outreach during the Games in late July/early August. Here are some photos from around the main venue, Alexander Stadium to whet your appetite. Please pray for local churches including Church Central, Perry Beeches… Continue reading Pray for the Commonwealth Games

Why I consider the Rwanda policy immoral

Yesterday, I wrote responding to the criticism that opponents of the Government’s “Rwanda policy” haven’t come up with any proposals of their own.  Well, it seems that having stated what some of those proposals are, the criticism switched back to “but in your article, you didn’t offer a critique of the Government’s policy.” It seems… Continue reading Why I consider the Rwanda policy immoral

Birmingham 2022 and the Gospel

The Commonwealth Games are coming to Birmingham.  Whilst not up there with the Olympics, this is still a hugely significant event.  It will bring together competitors from across the Commonwealth (the group of nations linked primarily through historically having been part of the British Empire and usually today with ties through the Queen).  In fact,… Continue reading Birmingham 2022 and the Gospel

Is there really no alternative to the Rwanda policy for refugees?

It seems increasingly rare to hear supporters of the Government’s policy of removing asylum seekers to Rwanda for processing defend the policy. Instead what you tend to get are comments along these lines: And … Now, first of all, a couple of preliminary responses.  You will notice that the presumption is that anyone who opposes… Continue reading Is there really no alternative to the Rwanda policy for refugees?

What does your church value?

I’ve been writing a few articles on things like mission and vision statements.  There is the risk that such things can feel corporate, slick and fluffy. However, if a mission statement is really simply “Matthew 28:19-20 with a date stamp and a postcode” then what we are doing is helping the church apply God’s word… Continue reading What does your church value?

Which came first – Scripture or culture?

Photo by Klaus Nielsen on Pexels.com

Yesterday I wrote about God, gender, pronouns and the church.  Now, the classic response of liberal theology is to argue that the language we use about God and the church with Christ as groom and church as bride is somewhat arbitrary so that we could reverse it.  Then, it is further suggested that the reason… Continue reading Which came first – Scripture or culture?

God, gender, pronouns and the church

Photo by Jeremy Wong on Pexels.com

If you check someone’s social media profile these days, then you are likely to find that they’ll tell you their preferred pronouns. The point is that we are not to assume that they want to identify with a particular gender.  It is considered respectful to allow another person to let you know how they want… Continue reading God, gender, pronouns and the church

A vision for your church?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The other day, I wrote about mission statements and value statements. I also mentioned that it can be helpful to draft out a slightly longer statement describing what you might call the vision for the church. This is not about arrogantly making grand claims about what you are going to achieve. Everything will be in… Continue reading A vision for your church?