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Things to do during the shut down John Piper has famously said “Don’t waste your life…” It is important that we don’t waste the opportunities God is giving us, even in the middle of a health crisis.

Praying at a spatial distance  Nick Moore writes: With ever stronger advice against social interaction and the prospect of restrictions on personal movement along the lines of those seen in China and other European countries, the concepts of ‘social distancing’ and ‘self-isolation’ have become everyday talk. Then in the last couple of days, as the Church of England has suspended public worship, we suddenly find ourselves asking what praying at a distance looks like….

The opposite of envy  “A thought struck me the other day: As far as I know, the English language has no word that expresses the opposite of envy. There may be phrases or sentences that can begin to convey it, but we have no single word we can use to express the virtue that lies opposite that ugly vice.”

How do I help my teens’ struggles with self image? We who are parents now grew up when the self-esteem movement was rooting itself in our cultural conscience. We grew up singing songs and chanting slogans that convinced us that we are enough, we can do whatever we put our minds to, and if we can conceive it we can achieve it. In the secular squares of our childhood, salvation was found within…

Broken hearted by many paper cuts (part 1) It is easy to just follow the trending topic of the moment and forget what was important just a few weeks back. The challenge of church culture, safeguarding against abuse and bullying but also going further and creating positive grace cultures risks being swept from our minds by a health crisis. But this is a long term challenge. Can I encourage you to read Duncan’s article, it is painful to read but vital. Do read his follow up article as well.

From the Freezer: When Jesus Came (Isaiah 53:4-6) A look at the prophecy that Jesus would be pierced for  our transgressions

I hope to make this a regular feature

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