Haircuts and Purity policing … a modern parable

My hair is a lot shorter than it was meant to be. I had a lock down hair cut disaster. The problem is that you cut if more than intended on one side so you try to even it up on the other. Then that side ends up too short too.

Some people end up doing that with fellowship. They try to get the church as pure as possible. They are constantly identifying heresy or finding issue with others. Eventually there is only one person good enough left who they can truly enjoy Christian fellowship. Themselves.

It is important that we challenge sin. Where there is unrepentant public and persistent sin there should be church discipline. The boundaries should be clearly set to keep out false teaching. But if we get into a judging game where we set ourselves up as heresy hunters and purity policemen then we will end up all on our own. Indeed our hearts will be so polluted with judgementalism that we will find that we cannot even enjoy fellowship with God ourselves.

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