What do we do in times of crisis? We find strength in the Lord’s identity

Photo by Arina Krasnikova on Pexels.com

This week I’ve started working through the book of Habakkuk. It is a challenging book as in it God’s prophet intercedes and begs God to act only to discover that God is acting by bringing judgement and devastation.  Yet, one thing really stood out to me as I read through the whole book in one itting first. It was the way that the text is punctuated by the ways in which Habakkuk addresses God.  To the prophet, God is:

  • My God, my Holy One (1:12)
  • The Rock (1:12)
  •  The Lord of Hosts/Heavens Armies (2:13)
  • The God of my salvation (3:18)
  • The God who is my strength (3:19).

What is it that will help Habakkuk get through dark days? It is knowing who God is, that he is the strong and sovereign, faithful and loving covenant God. What is it that will help us to get through our circumstances and troubles? Exactly the same!

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