This is how much God loves us (Romans 5:6-11) Sermon outline

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On Faithroots Live, I’ve been working through some studies in Romans. However, these types of studies are a little different from preaching with the specific purpose of applying God’s Word to life now. So, here’s an outline of a preached version of Romans 5:6-11 which we looked at recently.


The thing we find hardest to believe … the thing we most need to hear à   “God loves you”

V5 .. Paul’s 1st mention of God’s love in Romans

Builds to  “all the more…” (v9)

We can know two crucial things about God’s love

God loved us first

(v6) “for” (gar) -argument built from v 1 and v 5

“Paul never thinks of God’s love for us apart from the cross, and he never thinks of Christ’s dying for us apart from the Father’s giving of the Son (c.f. Rom 3:2.” (Moo)

 God’s timing while we were still weak” – excludes boasting

 I’m humbled by God’s grace

God’s love is greater than our love

(v7-8) shows the uniqueness and awesomeness of God’s grace.

Righteous v good??? C.f. Schreiner

God’s love guarantees my future and final security

Verses 9-10  use the superlative “all the more” from major to minor


“Since God has already removed the greatest obstacle to future glory, the guilt and enmity of believers then he will surely see to it that believers will be spared from his eschatological wrath.”[1]

This hope is found in the (resurrection) life of Christ.  We are raised with him.


Enjoying God’s love

V11 we “rejoice” (ESV). boasting

(note the pattern “in God through Christ). 

This description of joyful, exultant boasting reminds us that our purpose is to glorify God and to enjoy him for ever.  Glorifying God and enjoying him are linked intrinsically to praising him, magnifying and declaring his goodness.

Perseverance – joyful encouragement of each other

Conclusion – love in action

Back to God, For the Lost, For each other

“Love so amazing so divine demands my life, my soul my all.”

[1] Schreiner, Romans, 262.

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