Reforming Theological Training

This is something I seek to keep some focus on. As mentioned earlier today I’ve a concern to see us do more to train people for Gospel ministry outside of normal traditional roots. look out for further articles on this


This is an article from my previous blog that I wanted to reschedule to keep focus on this priority

People who know me well will know that I have a particular concern for encouraging good quality theologically training, especially when it comes to potential pastors and planters in urban contexts.

To be clear, my own position is not against seminaries. I benefited from study at Oak Hill Theological college and remain a keen supporter both of them and of Union School of Theology in South Wales where we sent one of our members to study a few years back.

My position is that:

  1. Campus based study is not the only place where those sorts of benefits can be realised
  2. For many people, the culture, location and cost of campus-based training means that it is not necessarily possible, nor the best option.
  3. We still want potential pastors and planters who areā€¦

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