How Theological College helped prepare me for Gospel ministry


I’m republishing some articles I wrote a little while back about training for urban ministry.

I want to share a few thoughts here about the positives of formal theological education and why I recommend it.[1] There’s a temptation to see training as primarily academic and therefore irrelevant to the day to day life of ministry. There’s probably a whole wider discussion to be had about the assumption that academic and practical must be diametrically opposed but I will limit myself to a few comments here:

I studied at Oak Hill Theological College on the Theological and Pastoral Studies programme. I was there for 4 years as I studied for the MTh qualification.

Here are some of the ways it helped:

Biblical Studies. This included overviews of Biblical books looking at authorship, historical and cultural context, textual critical issues. Now, when I stand up to preach on a Sunday…

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