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Other blogs offer a weekly round up of articles available to read elsewhere. I’m not promising anything as regular or organised but I am planning to include occasional updates. This week you might want to have a look at

Five reasons your current church attendance is not the new normal I agree with Thom Rainer’s sober assessment that we are unlikely to see those who have not yet returned anytime soon. Rainer explains that this doesn’t have to be cause for despair.

If we can find the money for x, we can find the money for y Steve Kneale on supporting urban Gospel work

A year with anti-depressants – This is something I wrote for Grace in the depths, a website seeking to support pastors and open up a conversation about depression

The moans and groans, a shared experience with different outcomes. We all live in a world that is groaning. We live in a world that is crying out to be made new. Seas roar, trees creek, animals howl and the earth shakes because it all knows that something is wrong.

Out of the Freezer “Unimaginable Love – a video post via YouTube

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