Psalm 23 -a reflective paraphrase

God is my provider and protector. 

I never run short.   His provision is inexhaustible and overflowing.

He has brought me to a place of peace and plenty.

He refreshes and renews me.  I find strength in him alone.

He leads down the exact path he planned and prepared for me

All the glory goes to him.

Sometimes the path ahead seems dark and dangerous

But even when you lead me through death itself, I have nothing to fear.

You keep providing for me and protecting me.

I have your word, your Spirit and your church around me, protecting me like a shepherd’s staff and crook.

Like a Shakespearian comedy, I know that the story will end with happiness and joy

A party, a feast, a wedding banquet!

Those who oppose you and try to trip me must look on from the outside.

You choose to welcome me as an honoured guest beyond anything I deserve

You pour sweet smelling, fragrant oil over me, just as Mary anointed you

The one who turned water into wine and fed the five thousand never stops topping up my glass.

I have known your goodness and kindness, your grace and love throughout all my days I trust you to bring me safely home to be with you forever, my shepherd, king and friend.

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