Come let us walk

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Take a moment to pause and mediate on these words

  come, let us walk  in the light of the Lord.

Isaiah 2:5

This is an invitation to the people of Israel and comes in the light of God’s promise that he will re-establish Zion as the place where he reigns “with justice and peace.  It is also an invitation that comes, because as the chapter goes on to say, the people have not been walking with God but have turned away from him and wandered.

The language of “walking” is used throughout the Old Testament to describe life style.  You walk with or before God indicating a life that follows his ways, that intimately sticks close to him and that is in full view of him so that you are accountable to him. To walk “in his light” is to live under the guidance of his Word. 

  1. How is your walk with God?
  2. Are you inviting others to join you in that walk?

Teach us your ways your Lord. Help us to live lives that are a pleasing fragrance to you.  Help us to share the good news about your with others so that they may learn to walk with you.

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