We now find out why it is that God must act to restore and renew his holy city through refining judgement and why God’s people need to learn again what it means to walk in the light of God.

Read Isaiah 2:6-22

The people’s rejection of Yahweh is seen in the way that they have looked for resources, wealth, influence, power outside of Israel.  They have brought gold and silver into the land but with those precious commodities has come less welcome things.  Their alliances and partnerships with other peoples have aligned them with their practices, snares and addictions whether that’s Philistine fortune telling and sorcery or the idols of other nations (v6-8).

They have become proud but it is a false pride because they are dependent upon others and because all the wealth and security offers no protection against God’s judgement. When the day of judgement comes, they will be found cowering and hiding. Before there is a raising up in resurrection, there will be a bringing down in death. They will be humbled (v9-17).

God’s purpose in humbling them is so that their confidence in and dependence on idols will be broken. Idols will be destroyed or forsaken as the people realise how worthless and useless they are. Ultimately, this idolatrous worship involves trust in and fear of other humans and it is this, most of all that the people are called away from (v18-22).


Meditate on these words from verse 19

“the terror of the Lord”

“the splendour of his majesty”

  1. What does it mean for you to fear God?
  2. What does God’s majesty and spendour mean to you?

Help us to fear you more than man Lord.  Hel us to put your trust in you and not in others or in the resources we get from them.

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