Something new (Isaiah 11)

Here is my talk outline from this Sunday. Audio to follow …

The talk bit of church shouldn’t just be intellectual

 – calls for response

But what is our response meant to be?

Can become “self help/legalism”

So we need to start with things to know/believe… that should warm our hearts to worship

What we need to know?

-we need to know and make sense of the times – what is happening? What is God doing?

  • Around us is a world under judgement (Isaiah 10-23)
  • Into this World God has sent the true king (v1-3)
  • Jesus will establish his reign (v4-9)

(the ultimate goal = the renewal of creation, the putting of everything right

  • He will gather all people to himself (v10-12)
  • He will defeat enemies (v13-15)

He will defeat death and exile (v16)

How do we need to respond?

We live for him and speak for him

  • His ambassadors
    • Living differently in the light of the future

(2 Corinthians 5:20)

  • The real difference – my life completely in his hand
  • Not looking around for help – like Israel to the nations
  • Not trying to patch things up (like the car)


How are you responding to Christ the King?

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