How consistent are modern views of a spiritual resurrection of Jesus with the evidence of the gospels?

Here’s an essay I wrote a few years back on the Resurrection. Reblogged for Easter 2023.


One of the major fault lines within Christian Theology in recent times has been over the statement “I believe in the resurrection.” What does it mean to claim this?[1] Many Christians would insist that this means that Jesus rose physically from the dead. However, a number of theologians have argued that this is not necessary. It is possible to talk of a spiritual resurrection without the need for a bodily resurrection.[2] They insist that they remain orthodox believers.[3] Can this be the case? This essay will evaluate the claim by setting out the arguments in its favour and then considering the arguments against.

The basis for the argument is that if we attempt to take the Gospels as factual, historical documents, they are found wanting. They are riddled with inconsistencies and inaccuracies.[4] An alternative approach is required in order to rescue the spiritual truth of the…

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