A model Psalm study

Read Psalm 1 through twice:

  • What words/phrases/themes dominate?
  • Are there any images/metaphors/similes? What are they telling us?
  •   Psalms often use a technique called parallelism. This means that similar lines are placed together in pairs and triplets to either repeat, develop, compare or contrast.   Can you find any examples of this in the Psalm? Try to list as many as possible.
  • The Psalm in context

– As wisdom literature  -like Proverbs

– Structure and framing

    a. Within the whole book, Psalm 1 and Psalm 150

    b. As part of a specific section

    Book 1: Psalms 1-41

    Book 2: Psalms 42-72

    Book 3: Psalms 73-89

    Book 4: Psalms 90-106

    Book 5: Psalms 107- 150.

    How do Psalm 1 and Psalm 41 bookend the section?

    • Applied through Christ to us
    1. What did it mean for Jesus to say this Psalm?
    2. In what ways does it describe our lives in Christ?
      • By way of justification
      • By way of sanctification
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