First Look

First Look 2 Who is this man?

Discussion Starters

How would you define religion?

Identify one religion or belief system from the list below and see if you can identify its core beliefs. Do you think the particular belief system you have described is liveable







Or alternatively…

 If you could ask God one question what would it be? (It might be a request for him to do something or for him to explain something

A  look at the Bible

Read Luke 5:17-26

Who had come to listen to Jesus?(v 17)

How is the meeting disturbed? (v18-19)

What is Jesus’ response?  Why is this surprising? (v20)

How does his audience react? (v21)What is Jesus’ response? (v23-25).

To think about

What do you think of Jesus’ claim to be able to forgive sin?

What is he saying about himself?

What do you make of the Bible’s assessment that we have all sinned?  Is that a label that you are happy to have applied to yourself?

Go to Part 3: What did Jesus say?

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