Greater than Great (Hebrews 1:5-14)

Here are the study questions for Sunday Night Church (17-05-2020). You can also watch the #afternoontea discussion we had on facebook which I’ve linked to at the bottom of the study Feel free to add your answers to the questions -and your own questions in the comments which we will leave open for this.

For Starters

  • What are the three most important things that you want others to know about you?
  • What is your full name?
    • What is the name you like to be known by?
    • Do you have a nickname?
    • What title and pronouns do you prefer?
  • How do you feel when people forget the things that matter to you and/or don’t address you as you would like?

A Look at the Text

What does it say?

  • What is the context (v1-4)
  • What does God say about the Son (list the different things he says about the Son and not about angels)
  • How are Angels Described?

What does it mean?

  • What is the purpose of this passage  (think about the context)
  • How exactly is Jesus being identified? (see especially v5 and v 8)

A Look at ourselves -applying the text

  1. Does it really matter whether or not we believe that Jesus is truly God?
  • How would you explain this to a Jehovah’s Witness?

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