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10 ways people are continuing to be generous during lockdown The onset of coronavirus has exposed our world’s selfishness, but it’s also acted as a catalyst for an outpouring of generosity. It’s human nature to be concerned about our own well being, but as Christians, we want to continue to live out God’s word to love our neighbour as ourselves and attend to the needs of others.

Word and Sacrament in Lockdown The FIEC are continuing to run their very helpful webinars with John Stevens every Wednesday. In this session they discuss how to preach effectively online and how to handle the questions of “should … and how should we be doing communion and baptism during lockdown?”

We have nothing to fear but fear itself – Do be wary of coronavirus – don’t fear it

5 ways that your church makes you holy Every six months, our family spends a Saturday morning at the church. We gulp down our breakfasts, lace up our sneakers, and tug on worn sweatshirts. We arrive sleepy-eyed and bed-headed. We are not attending a church event. In fact, we are usually the only people in the building. We are there to clean…

Encouragement in evangelism in lockdown I believe that this is the greatest time to evangelize in our lifetime.

Out of the Freezer Bullies – a personal story I arrived at primary school aged 4, one of the youngest and therefore smallest in my class, to add to that I came with ginger hair and asthma, by aged 10 I had added a serious eye condition and thick NHS glasses to the target…

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