Rest (Hebrews 4:1-13)

How do you rest and relax? We are going to be looking at how we rest and what to do when we can’t find rest.  We started though by looking at Hebrews 4 which talks about the rest that God invites us into.  Here are a few highlights

  • To understand what rest is, we need to start by talking about how God himself rests. We go back to Genesis 3 and see that God rests when he completes the creation of the world. His rest is not about slumbering or switching off as God is active in sustaining the Universe
  • Rest, therefore, is about enjoying something that is complete. We are invited to join God in enjoying his rest, in enjoying his completed work both of creation and salvation.
  • Hebrews 3 has quoted from Psalm 95. During the Exodus, the people of Israel had hardened their hearts to God’s word, his law and his promises and their own testimony, their experience of his goodness.  So God said they would not enter his rest.
  • On one level, this rest could refer to the people entering the promised land. Those who hardened their hearts and rebelled did not make it into Canaan.  However, Hebrews says that the Psalm points to a future rest that even in the land they were still not experiencing.
  • Future rest therefore points to the time when our own work here is done and when Christ brings history to a close. We look forward to eternity with him.
  • The promise of eternal rest affects life now. We should prioritise having assurance, knowing that we will enter into this rest.
  • The promise of eternal rest affects life now. We can enjoy refreshment through the Holy Spirit and the goodness of God now.

Have a look at the video discussion.

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