Coming soon – “The Pastor with a thorn in his side.”

Over the past few years, I’ve heard more and more stories about pastors who have battled with depression. I was aware of one or two guys that had suffered in the past but it wasn’t really talked about much. Then guys like Steve Kneale began to write publicly about their experience which encouraged others to tell their story. This led to a few of us getting together to create a website with the intention of telling our stories and sharing resources.

Before Christmas, Steve asked a number of people to contribute to a book telling our stories. Here’s a little video taster with some of the contributors.

Why have we chosen to tell our stories? Well partly it was to help other pastors who might be struggling with depression to know that it is okay to say so. Partly, it was to help local churches know how to support members of pastoral staff struggling with depression. However, it’s also because we recognise that so many Christians struggle with depression and sadly it can still be something that carries a stigma.

We want to help Christians know that they are not alone in facing depression and to help others know that they are not alone supporting those with depression. After all, if your pastor can suffer with depression then there should be no shame in recognising your own struggle to

“The pastor with a thorn in his side” will be available from Grace Publications in May 2021.

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