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Over the past couple of months I’ve started providing an additional resource via Faithroots. A lot of people seem to prefer to download something to listen to whilst getting on with other activities.

So, I’ve started producing an audio Bible exposition on Monday to Friday – #TheDailyDose. The idea is that we just open up the Bible together. This means I’m not doing lots of prep work and I’m not focusing on a specific topic. We’re looking at the text for the first time together, working through it and seeing what God is saying to us. I hope that these “daily doses ” of God’s word will be helpful for personal devotions but you may also find some of them helpful for prompting group discussions too.

I particularly enjoyed working through the story of Ruth recently and as well as the audio talks, there are a couple of blog articles reflecting on the events in the book which you can pick up here.

Other recent series include

Grace Wins (Romans 8)

Equipped (1 Timothy)

Faithful (Hosea)

I’m also working on a little teaching series on How to Pray and you can follow that on audio or on YouTube.

Please do give feedback, let me know if you are finding these resources helpful and if there’s anything you’d like me to cover in this format.

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