God made us to know him, to love him, to glorify him and enjoy him. Prayer is a crucial part of what it means to be alive, to be made in God’s image, to be human.

Prayer is first and foremost about knowing you are part of a family. That God loves you and invites you to know him as Father. So, what does it mean to pray and how should we go about it? Well fortunately for us, one of the things Jesus did was taught his disciples how to pray. Here in 7 short videos we learn from Jesus’ words what it means to be able to know God and to talk to him.

Each video is followed by questions for discussion and personal reflection.

When you pray

What things can you think of that people have told you/taught you about prayer?

Which things have you found unhelpful? Which things have you found helpful?

How do you feel when you hear that God loves to hear our needs?

Why is it good news to know that God is sovereign?

What are you glad that God already knows about you and your life?

Talking to God as Father

What do you associate with the word “father” (both good and bad)?

What does it mean to call God “Father”?

What are the worries that you are at risk of allowing to dominate your life?

What are your heart’s desires?

Take time to express your trust in God the Father. Tell him that you are entrusting your whole life into his hands.

Seeking to honour God for who he is

What names and titles can you think of from the Bible that describe/address God?

Do you have a preferred name/title for God?

List and describe as many of God’s characteristics/attributes that you can think of.

Can you list some of God’s promises to us?

What other words/images do you associate with the word “holy”?

Take time to express your thankfulness to God for saving you

In what ways do you need God’s help to honour him today?

Asking for God’s help to know and do his will

How would you define/describe God’s kingdom?

What does it mean for God’s kingdom to be present in our community and in your life?

How do we know God’s will for us?

What is God asking you to do for him?

Take time to talk to God about the opportunities you have to serve him, live for him and speak for him today. Ask him to help you to do his will.

Trusting in the Father’s good provision

Why can we trust God to provide what we need?

Can you think of examples of times when God has provided exactly what you need? Take a moment to say thank you to God for his goodness to you.

List out the things you need this week and this month. Paul to ask God to provide for your needs.

List three other people you know and care about. What are their particular needs at the moment? Pray for them.

Take time to ask God to feed you with his living word. Pray for those who are responsible for teaching God’s Word in your church.

Learning to give and receive forgiveness

Why do you think that Jesus so closely links giving and receiving forgiveness.

Why does the man who has been forgiven the larger debt not able to forgive the lesser debt owed him.

Elton John sung “sorry seems to be the hardest word” I would add that “I forgive” is equally hard. Why do you think these words are so hard to say?

Make a list of people you need to say sorry to. Ask God to help you to go and say sorry to them. Ask God to forgive you.

Make a list of people you need to forgive. Express your forgiveness for them in prayer. Ask God to help you .

Saying “I will follow” and knowing you are safe

Does God lead us into temptation?

In what areas of your life are you experiencing trial and testing now? In what ways may God be using those trials to teach you to trust him? In what ways is the devil seeking to tempt you to sin?

Are there things coming up that you are particularly anxious and worried about?

Ask God now to deliver you. Express your feelings about these things. Express your trust in him to keep you safe from falling through the trial to come.

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