Church Discipline – Faithroots Podcast

Herdsmen Sebastien Uthurriague (R) and his father Michel watch their Manex sheep in Iraty, Larrau, in the Pyrenees on July 24, 2019. - In the 'Ibarrondua kayolar' (shepherd house), at 1300 metres, at the foot of the Mount Orhy, eight herdsmen take turns from June to September to watch some 1,500 sheep and to prevent bear attacks. (Photo by IROZ GAIZKA / AFP)



How do we take communion? Faithroots

How to organise and approach sharing the Lord's Supper together
  1. How do we take communion?
  2. What is communion and why do we take it?
  3. God's Word is sufficient for apologetics
  4. God's Word is sufficient for pastoral care
  5. God's Word is sufficient to protect against false shepherds
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