Don’t forget Pentecost

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Today, is a day of great celebration.  We are marking an important anniversary in our history.  Today is Pentecost Sunday.  This marks the anniversary of the day described in Acts 2 when the Holy Spirit came.

Pentecost has sometimes been described as the birthday of the church – where it all began.  At the same time, others have pointed out that if there is a continuation from Old Covenant to New Covenant, and we are grafted into Israel, then this is not so much a celebration of the start of the church as it is a celebration of God’s people coming of age. Israel’s 21st if you like.

Pentecost should be big in our calendar but it often drops out of our minds in a way that Christmas and Easter don’t. I guess that’s because there’s much less secular interest in it. But Pentecost is important because the Holy Spirit is important. Too often he is relegated either out of our minds completely or reduced to being an impersonal power source. The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity, the other comforter, sent to be present with us.

The Holy Spirit is at work:

  1. By illuminating the same Scriptures he inspired so that we can know God through his word.
  2. By bringing conviction of sin
  3. By giving new life (regeneration) to those dead in sin.
  4. By empowering believers with gifts
  5. By working in our lives to sanctify us so that we produce fruit.

In what ways are you grateful for the work of the Holy Spirit in your life and church?

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