Grand Entry

In Mark 11 we see Jesus arrive in Jerusalem at the head of the pilgrim procession ready for the Passover Festival. He arrives on a donkey. The important thing here is not so much lowliness, OT kings did ride on donkeys and mules but more about the nature of his arrival, he comes in peace as the rightful king not on a war horse to conquer by force. This is the one who John told the people to make the way ready for. Many recognise the significance and sing praises hailing him as David’s descendent (11:1-11).

Jesus goes immediately to the Temple where he drives out the money changers (11:15-19). Jesus also curses a fig tree for lack of fruit. Although the tree itself was not in season, this symbolised Israel’s fruitlessness (11:12-14 & 20-25). 

Jesus is challenged in the Temple but his authority cannot be denied (11:26-33)

Big Theme: Jesus is the true King who has come to put things right

Questions to consider

  1. The significance of the fruit tree being cursed
  2. What would Jesus make of our places of worship?
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