What do you give your life to?

Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels.com

Many years ago, my dad was offered a better paid job, a senior position and a relocation. However his potential new boss told him that he would expect dad to be committed first and foremost, 24/7 to the company. Dad said, “no thanks.” He had a higher boss, the Lord and after that a family.

Well, it turns out that later the company decided to close the particular site. Dad of course is long retired so unaffected. However, if that culture persisted then there may well be people who made that absolute 24/7 commitment. They will now be discovering that those who demanded 100% loyalty haven’t reciprocated.

If someone demands that kind of loyalty from you, then ask them what they are really giving in return. Will they be 100% committed to you? Will they be there at 2am on Sunday morning when the crisis hits? Can they guarantee they will be loyally there for you to the end of your days?

Of course not. There is only one Lord we can rely on in that way and he commits in covenant faithfulness to us before we have proved our commitment to him.

I’m glad I commited my whole life to him and not to an earthly master.

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