The God who speaks and sees Genesis 1v1-25

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The Bible begins with the big picture story of God’s creating work

Read Genesis 1:1-25

Notice three things about God here.  There are a few dominant phrases that echo through the passage. First, there is the repetition “God said” each  time that God speaks “let there…”, it comes to pass, so that another repeated phrase is “it was so.”  God exercises his sovereign, creative power through his word. God’s word is proven true. Whatever he declares is fulfilled.  Not only are we seeing his effortless power here but we are also seeing that God is true, trustworthy and faithful.

Secondly, we see what God does. By speaking his command, he divides things creating structure and order. Light is divided from darkness, space from earth, land from sea.  Then those zones are filled or populated, lights in the heavens (the sun, stars and moon), birds in the sky, fish in the sea, and plants and animals on the land.  God, forms and fills his creation.

God names.  Light is “day”, darkness is “night”.  This is part of the ordering of things. It gives value, it shows God’s ownership and authority over his creation.  It reflects his intimate knowledge of it.  God is all the time evaluating so that fourthly, God sees.  He observes his creation and reflects on his work. God’s evaluation is that creation is good.

Finally, God blesses.  He tells his creation to be fruitful and multiply.

Each of these truths about God should increase our trust in him. We learn more about his character. They should also increase our enjoyment of his good creation.

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