But God remembered

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Bible study includes working through large sections of Scripture but as I’ve mentioned a few times,  there are moments when it is good to pause and meditate on a verse or even a phrase, a few words. The start of Genesis 8 is one such moment.

“But God remembered Noah”

Genesis 8:1

It’s not that God has forgotten about Noah. First, it is not within his character or attributes to forget. Second, the evidence of the past few chapters is that God has been continuing to keep Noah safe from the flood in the ark.

“But GOD remembered” reminds us of God’s character, what he is like, that he is faithful, thart he does not forget, that he does not fail.

is a way of emphasising positively that God did not forget.  “But God REMEMBERED.”  It’s a positive action for God to keep someone in his mind, in his will. It is an act of sovereign love.

“BUT God remembered” contrasts what happened to fallen man and corrupted creation. It was blotted out but God chose to remember and show love to Noah. Compare this with the end of Psalm 1 where God’s knowledge, similar to remembrance, of the righteous is contrasted with the fate of the wicked.[1]

Just as “God remembered Noah” he remembers us, not in the sense that he forgets about us and has to be reminded but in that we are always on his heart and mind, he never forgets us, he constantly cares for us.  What an amazing and gracious God.

[1] Psalm 23:6.

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