We tend to associate the early stages of Isaiah with gloom and judgement. However, rifght from the start, warnings of judgement are framed by promises of hope.

Read Isaiah 2:1-5

If the city of Jerusalem and the Temple there faces imminent destruction, this will not be a permanent state of affairs.  God promises that a new Jerusalem will arise from the ashes.  This new city, also known as Zion will be established in the latter/last/end days.  God will raise up the mountain on which it sits to become the highest mountain. This points to its prominence as a focal point and also to safety and security there,

People will be drawn to God’s holy mountain.  It will be a place of praise, worship and prayer.  The nations will be drawn there, the good news is not just for one ethnic group.  It will be a place of learning as people go to be taught God’s Word. There under God’s rule, people will live in his presence and grow in righteousness as they learn to obey his law.  The Law will go out from Zion to all the world, so that the whole creation will be under God’s reign.  The creation mandate to fill and subdue the earth will be fulfilled.

It will be a place of righteousness and justice. God will judge.  This means that it will also be a place of peace because God will bring an end to conflict.


Meditate on these words

“that he may teach us his ways”

“He will judge”

“neither shall they learn war anymore”

  1. What is God teaching you right now?
  2. What does God find as he searches and judges you?
  3. What does lasting peace look like in your life, home, community, church?

Father God, we come to you in the name of Jesus thankful for the great hope that we have in him.  Thank you that you promise a day when peace will reign and your name will be exalted.  Help us to work for peace in our world now.  We know that the greatest need people have is peace with you. Help us to point people to Jesus, the prince of peace.

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