The promised king and the promised Spirit

How would God’s people know that the promises were coming true and that they no longer needed to fear judgement.  Isaiah makes it clear that there were two crucial people who would come to confirm that hope had arrived. There was the promised king and the promised Holy Spirit.

Read Isaiah 32

God promises that a king will come who will reign with righteousness, in other words, he will be godly and just.  How the king is will flowthrough society, the princes, or rulers under the king will also be righteous. Godly and good leaders under a good king will provide safety, shelter and protection for those in need (v1-2).

The consequence of this good reign will be an undoing of the curse that the people have been under. If that curse meant that they would have unhearing ears and uncomprehending eyes then there’s a promise that those whose hearts are open to God, the remnant will be able to see, hear and understand. They will not be prevented. This will mean healing of the things that restrict from blindness to stammers (v3-4).  There will be political changes too, where fools held power, this will no longer be the case. They will be recognised for who they are and no longer able to deceive. Honour will be given to those who deserve it (v5). This is because whilst fools and scoundrels are often not treated too seriously, seen as silly, it is clear that when they come into power, there is trouble,  Foolishness in the Bible is a moral rather than an intellectual failing.  So, the fools and scoundrels have conspired to ago against God, bringing about oppression and suffering (v6-8).

However, there is no room for complacency. The women of Jerusalem are warned though although it will seem that the Assyrian threat is over and though there is the promised king to come, trouble and danger still lies ahead. Desolation is coming and so they are to mourn (v9-15).

The moment of hope and rejoicing is dependent on a specific and crucial intervention.  They await the day when the Spirit of God will be poured out.  When this happens then peace and prosperity will return (v15-20).

The Spirit outpoured

It is important that when we apply the Old Testament through Christ. He is the righteous king and so we might also say that we as his people are the righteous princes which brings a responsibility to live well and for those in positions of responsibility and authority to lead well, providing protecting and nurturing. However, given the apostles insistence that the Day of Pentecost was the day God had spoken of through the prophets, we also need to apply the Old Testament through Pentecost. Scripture is clear that God’s work of new creation is a work of the Holy Spirit.  His coming and indwelling of his people was crucial to God’s plan and purpose.  If we live after Pentecost and are filled with the Spirit, then we can see how the promises of Isaiah are applied to us.


Meditate on

Behold, a king will reign in righteousness (v1)


until the Spirit is poured upon us from on high (v15)

  1. If Christ is the king of righteousness then what implications are there for how we live under his reign?
  2. What specific difference does the Holy Spirit make to your life and to your church?

Thank you Lord God that you sent your son to die and rise for us. Thank you that you have poured out your spirit on us. Help us to submit obediently and willingly to Christ as Lord and King. May we live in the fullness of your Holy Spirit, knowing his power and presence in our lives.

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