Food from around the World Wide Web

The blogosphere is still heavily dominated by Coronavirus so I’m pleased to be able to kick off about a good old fashioned article, nothing to do with plagues and lockdowns, just straight forwad -how do we properly handle God’s Word. Oh and what a title. Thanks Steve! Pouring Cow’s Urine over the text

To Zoom or not to zoom practical advice from Eddie Arthur

Coronavirus Crisis: What is God teaching us? Helpful thoughts from John Stevens and I am in agreement with his understanding of discipline and punishment.

Christianity runs deeper than we think John Benton interacts with Tom Holland’s Dominion

Praying for a hungry and thirsty nation I’m pleased to see my friend Stephen Watkinson blogging again. Here’s an article from him about the desire to see our nation’s spiritual hunger exposed and met in Christ.

Out of the Freezer This is a sermon from a few years ago on Isaiah’s portrayal of Jesus in chapter 42. In contrast to much of what we see in leadership today, Jesus is the one who will not crush a bruised reed.

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