Sealed with the Holy Spirit

Sealed with the Spirit

A few articles back I began an in depth look at the work of the Holy Spirit. This was prompted by a provocative article by Matthew Mason where he argued that Conservative Evangelicals suffer because they lack a functional doctrine of the Holy Spirt and a meaningful experience of him.

I’ve decided that it might be helpful to do a lot of this via videos so that you have the option to sit and listen rather than read.  I am continuing to include articles with links to the videos, some introductory comments.

Our first video takes us to Ephesians 1:11-14 which talks about us being sealed with the Spirit who acts as a guarantee of the promises we have in Christ.

Martyn Lloyd Jones believed that a grasp of this Scripture was essential to our experience of the Christian life. Lloyd Jones believed that this was a second and additional experience to conversion. I disagree with him on that. However, I believe he has a point about the importance of these verses not just intellectually but experientially.

In the video I start to talk about how we can see God as distant, we can think of him as an intellectual subject to learn about. God may have been active in the past but we see him as distant now.  There can be a lack of emotional feeling too. WE struggle with joy, peace and hope.

However, if I have the Holy Spirit in my life then that transforms my thinking. I have a direct, intimate and personal relationship with God.

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