Food from around the worldwide web (26/06/20)

4 ways not to be a jerk online – From the Gospel coalition. How we behave online matters

What does the Bible say about leadership? – Specifically the NT. Ed Stetzer picks up on some themes for leaders in the Gospels, Romans and Titus.

Bring Back Isaac Watts biggest hit I grew up in a hymn singing tradition. Personally I love contemporary worship and would not go back on that. However, I also miss a lot of the hymns we have lost. People like Bob Kauflin and Colin Webster are doing a lot to recover some of these old hymns. Here Daniel Johnson writes about one famous hymn writer and a hymn rarely sung today. As it happens, I had heard of it and remember singing it a lot in my youth.

Steve Kneale has been reflecting on his experience in lockdown. First of all, here are the positives on the other side of the coin, there have been challenges

Impervious – how can we be better equipped not to let circumstances and others get to us?

Out of the Freezer Unasked and Unanswered Questions. We can be hasty when asked a pastoral question to rush into giving an answer when stepping back and asking a few more questions may be helpful

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