For Starters

  • When you do something wrong, or when you hurt someone you care about, what do you usually do to put things right (if anything)?
  • Does it work?

A Look at the Bible

What does the Text say?

The story of Abraham and Melchizedek is told in Genesis 14. Abraham goes to rescue Lot who has been captured in battle. He defeats him and then returning from the battle meets Mechizedek king of Salem (Jerusalem) and is blessed by him.  Abraham gives him 10% of the spoils (a tithe)

  • What does v 1-3 tell us about Melchizedek?
  • What does v 4 -10 tell us about Levi?

What does the text mean?

  • Do you think that the writer intends us to believe that Melchizedek was actually eternal, without beginning or end and without parents? 
  • If this is literally true then what are the implications?
  • If this is not literally true then what is the writer trying to tell us?

A Look at ourselves

  • What does this tell us about our own attempts to sort out the mess in our lives?

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