Angry at God? (4) The trouble with me

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What is one of the most significant root causes of anger? I want to suggest that it often comes down to my desire to be in control.

We often get angry when things happen that we hadn’t planned for and that we can’t do anything about. We become frustrated because our plans for life are disrupted or even derailed.

Anger as rage is often about me letting off steam because I feel powerless. Anger is the only alternative when action is impossible. This also goes some way to explaining why many of us lose it with inanimate objects.

But if my anger is at my powerlessness then there is the risk that even as I direct it at my boss, pastor, relative or computer that it is subconsciously directed at God. I am falling for the oldest temptation. I want to be like God and have autonomy and control.

So an important cure for anger is to remind myself that God is sovereign and even though at the moment I cannot understand his plan or see his purpose, it is a good plan froma loving God. Scripture my own experience and the testimony of others all remind me that I can completely trust him.

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