The Promise

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For those who follow the church calendar, we are entering the season of Advent. For those who like special calendars with a piece of chocolate each day, we are entering the season of Advent.  Personally, I enjoy the build up to Christmas.  I love carols, I love buying and squirrelling away presents, receiving cards and putting up the decorations.

This year, we may feel a bit out of sorts about Christmas. Several people have said to me that due to COVID-19, it just wont be the same. We’ve also seen campaign messages about “saving Christmas.”  Yet,  I want to insist that Christmas does not need saving. To be sure, it won’t be the same as uusal, it will be different but we still have opportunity once again to remember and celebrate good news that 2000 years ago God stepped into history.

One reason that I love the build up to Christmas is that I love that sense of promise. You see, that’s what Advent is all about, the promise of Christ’s coming. The Old Testament is saturated with those promises or prophecies which look forward to the coming of the Messiah. On Sunday mornings at Bearwood Chapel and also on the Faithroots page, we are going to be looking at some of those promises which pointed forward to the great work which Jesus had come to do, to defeat Satan, reverse death and forgive sin.  So please join us for each service and talk in the series.

29/11/20 “Serpent Crusher” Genesis 3:15

6/12/20 “Blessing Bringer” Genesis 12:1-3

13/12/20 “Shepherd of God’s People” Micah 5:2

20/12/20 “A Son out of Egypt” Hosea 11:1

27/12/20 “Coming with the Clouds”  Daniel 7:13

The promises of the Old Testament looked forward to Christ’s first coming.  However, we as believers look forward to his second coming when he returns to take us home.  Are you trusting in that promise?

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