The Valley of Vision

So, here is something new for you.  You may have come across a beautiful collection of prayers by some of the Puritans under the title “The Valley of Vision.” The Puritans were both deep thinkers about God’s Word and firm believers in the conviction that faith in Christ should lead to radical heart and life change.  The prayers reflect this, they are thoughtful and beautiful.

I’m starting a series of recordings on the Faithroots YouTube channel (which you can subscribe to) where I’ll be reading one of the prayers, suggesting a few related scripture readings and then providing a short reflection or meditation.

You can watch/listen to the first two already


The Trinity

And there will be more to follow.  

I’m sticking as closely as possible to the original text whilst where necessary  updating the English a little to help with understanding. 

I hope you’ll find these prayers and reflections helpful in spurring you on in your own prayer life. 

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