The Church’s VAR

On Saturday I sat down to watch Wales v Switzerland’s second half. Switzerland took the lead and it looked like Wales were down and out, then the Welsh pulled back an equaliser. However it wasn’t much longer before Welsh dreams appeared in tatters as Switzerland took the lead again. But hold on, the referee is making that square sign with his fingers, we go to the VAR.  The Swiss goal is ruled offside, and Wales are back in the match and back in the tournament.

If life at times seems at the point of despair then we need our own VAR.  WE’ve bene hit hard by a pandemic over the past 18 months that has hit our lives and communities hard. Meanwhile, we’ve not been given time off from all of the other things that circumstances throw our way. We still have to deal with daily worries about frail relatives. There’s those hospital results to come back, job security isn’t there at the moment and there are all of the usual challenges, falls outs and splits in church.

God’s Word, especially God’s word read and preached as we gather each Sunday together as family is like the Var that we’ll be seeing much of throughout the Euros. If we are overwhelmed by what we are seeing, hearing and feeling then God’s Word resets things giving us His true picture on what is happening, who we are and our place in everything.

Of course it works the other way too. If I’ve become too self-confident or if the church has become complacent, wrongly believing that we are responsible for all the good things happening, then the VAR of Scripture shows us the truth, highlights our weakness and points us back to Christ who is alone truly dependable and faithful, to who we owe everything.

So, allow God’s Word to disagree with you this week. Allow it to change your outlook on what is happening around you, allow it to give you what you need in order to see the world right whether that is challenge, encouragement or comfort.

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