The Faithroots Series


I originally started Faithroots in order to provide online teaching and training. I had two concerns. The first was to provide content that we couldn’t cover in half hour on a Sunday morning for those at our church who wanted to take things further. The second was that I’ve a particular concern for those who want to train for Gospel ministry but for various reasons might not be able to access classical seminary training.

A big part of my focus has been developing the resources available on the publications page. I was aware that there seems to be a disconnect between the big heavy theology books and more pastoral stuff. I think that what we believe is crucial and that it affects how we live. There should not be this disconnect between theology and pastoral instruction.  So, the Faithroots series aims to work through the big doctrinal issues with a pastor’s focus looking at how what we believe about God, Creation, Humanity and New Creation affects our daily lives as believers and what we do together as churches.  There are currently 3 E-books in the series

How do you know? looks at The Doctrine of Revelation. Can we know truth about God, creation and us? If so where do we find that truth?  

Who is God? takes us to the Doctrine of God. I’ve written elsewhere about my concern that there is a neo-classical theism that turns our knowledge of the living God into something dry, academic, formulaic and impersonal. I think that a proper classical, Biblical and orthodox view of God is far from that. 

How did we get here? is about the Doctrine of Creation. It includes an exposition of the first few chapters of Genesis, engages with ancient mythology and considers the contemporary challenge of Atheistic Evolution. 

All of the publications are free to download and to share. Please do give me feedback and let me know if you find them helpful. 

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