Guest post – Training, pastoring and planting in Tanzania

One of the aims of Faithroots is to encourage training and planting in harder to reach and unreached places. Here in the UK this means a lot of our focus is on urban contexts but in some parts of the world the picture is reversed in terms of where the hard to reach places are. I love hearing and sharing stories from others and so here is a guest post from John Paschal a pastor in Tanzania who has been joining in with some of our Faithoots Live sessions over the past two years.

My name is pastor john Paschal from Tanzania in East Africa countries, living in rural area. My father was a pastor but already died since 2020/August/05 and I’m staying with my mother who is now widow.

I’m the husband of one wife called Jesca. We four children, three are students. I received jesus Christ as my personal savior aged 20. After that I was involved in church worship  as a  singer, then after three years I became a choir master serving in that role for almost ten years.

When I was 33 years old I received a call to study theology. I went to kenya twice fo learn more about the bible in a Reformed training centre where I got two certificates. Then I returned back to my country and continued with Bible study from 2019 up to now. So this is my fourth years studying the Bible.

 There have been challenges in paying the school fees as although I have been serving congregations they have not been able to meet the costs. Additionally, I’m a full time pastor, overseeing three congregations which involves a high time commitment. Because of this I thought it would better to follow an online program of bible study classes than to be a campus student.

As many of you will know, it is not easy to study theology and to be a full time pastor at the same time. Because of the school fees challenges I have decided to complete my formal studies this year.

Our aim now is to plant a new church. So we pray that God may help us to preach the Gospel in our country especially in rural areas where there is a greater need at the moment. Our desire is to reach unreached people and unreached places.

We have people who are ready to go into the field and preach the gospel but we are dependent on receiving support for this. . So dear pastors and friends we need your prayer that we may be able to move forward with church planting..

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