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We’re going to take a break from #TheDailyDose for a little while after today’s recording. The plan is to be back for some specials over the Easter holidays when the plan is to complete John’s Gospel with a look at the accounts of Good Friday, Easter Sunday and the post resurrection events in John 18-21.

My reason for running The Daily Dose was initially to provide hopefully helpful content as we have gone through the COVID-19 pandemic together. So now feels like a good time to pause this particular content. I hope to run further Daily Dose series in the future.

This gives me chance to review what kinds of audio content would be helpful going forward. Please let me know how best I can serve you. Filling in the survey via the front page will help with this. Also please use the feedback form below.

I’m planning to continue to provide audio resources from including the weekly podcast and I also plan to develop some lecture style content series on pastoral theology. This will probably include providing audio and You Tube versions of some of the Faithroots Live Material including “How do we know?” and “Who is God?” Later in the Spring I’m planning a Faithroots Live series running the Leadership course. This material is also all available in PDF format from the publications page.

Please drop me a line via the feedback form specifically about audio content.

  1. How often would you like me to provide audio content?
  2. How long should individual talks/podcasts last?
  3. Is there specific content you would like to see covered?

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