Pray for Russia and for Russians

We have talked much over the past few days about what to pray for Ukraine. It’s also important to pray for Russia too.

Today’s podcast raises the question “How do we pray for our enemies?” and so I talk specifically about praying for Vladimir Putin. You can listen here:

or watch here:

However, I want to turn our focus here to the Russian people. It’s worth remembering that:

  • This is Putin’s war. It is not the Russian people who have entered into conflict with Ukraine. Indeed, even many of those expressing support have been led to believe that their country is engaged in a peace keeping operation and that the West are the oppressors.
  • Many Russians have bravely stepped up to oppose the war and protest. This in the face of a brutal and repressive regime that prefers to silence dissent.
  • Many of the soldiers sent into Ukraine are young men and even teenagers. They are being faced with brutal scenes that will live with them for ever. Many will die because of Putin’s war.
  • Many Russians abroad, including here in the UK have left Russia to escape Putin’s regime. Not all Russians support Putin. Not all Russians are oligarchs.

So let’s give time to pray today:

  • For our brothers and sisters in Russia, that they will be able to live for Christ without fear and point to a better hope.
  • For Russians who have friends and relatives in Ukraine who are anxious at this time
  • For the young lads sent into conflict. That for their sake peace will come and they will not have to participate in further violence
  • For the many people in Russia who will be affected by sanctions. Those penalties are likely to hit the poor and vulnerable hardest -many of who already are victims of Putin’s regime.
  • For Russians living here in the UK that they will be welcomed and not subjected to racist abuse. That innocent people will not be blamed and attacked because of the crimes of others.
  • That as Russians see that they cannot put their trust in Putin that they will turn to Christ.
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