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From baby boom to missions boon – this one caught by eye as my own parents found themselves involved in cross-cultural mission, spending their 50s in China before continuing to visit regularly right up until 2019.

You can build but it will crumble – Alistair Chalmers reflect on a visit to Ephesus

Essentially significant – Steve Kneale on what to do if you disagree on the mode of baptism

Why every church needs spiritual mothers – I’ve already touched on the importance of both men and women being able to serve in and bless the church this week. I agree with the author here that familial language is key

Why should we care about the persecuted church? Lee Proudlove of Open Doors writes.

It’s not about us a useful reminder from Eddie Arthur

The man on the middle cross said I could come Bradley Gray shares and transcribe’s Alistair Begg’s powerful illustration imagining the conversation between the thief upon the cross and the angels.

Out of the freezer – there’s been some discussion this week about this question. So, here’s something I prepared earlier: Could Jesus have sinned?

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