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Jesus’ crucifixion will have lasted several hours and we know from the other Gospels that he has a number of significant things to say.

Read Mark 15:33-39

  Mark focuses in on one specifically, the cry “My God, my God why have you forsaken me.”

This is a quote from the start of Psalm 22.  It is not that there is a split in the unity of the Trinity. However, throughout the Bible, a theme is that sin’s punishment includes banishment from God’s loving presence. On the Cross, Christ takes on our exile and banishment.  Therefore, for Jesus, there is this experience of being abandoned/banished by his Father.

Why not take a moment now to express your thankfulness to Christ because he took your place and mine. We were the ones who should have been on that cross, we were the ones who deserved the shame. We were the ones who deserved to be abandoned and forsaken.  Yet instead, Jesus became all of those things so that we might have our shame covered over, so that we might have life and so that we could be reconciled to God.

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