A helpless saviour?

Jesus is crucified outside of the city.  This means that he is forced to carry his own Cross.  When Jesus said that we must take up our own crosses on a daily basis, he wasn’t saying that we must simply put up with difficult days. He was calling upon us to die to self.

Weakened by the severe beating, Jesus seems to need help with carrying his cross.

Read Mark 15:21-32

The naming of Simon of Cyrene’s sons is an important little detail.  Presumably they were known among the early believers.  This does two things. First, it confirms the early dating of Mark’s Gospel, written within the lifetime of Simon’s sons whilst the facts were still relevant.  Secondly, it enabled the early church to corroborate Gospel details with other eye-witnesses.

The Jewish leaders join in the mockery of Jesus.  He was able to save/heal the sick but could not save himself so they thought. They did not get that it was his own decision, that it was by his choice not to save others, to be forsaken that he was bringing salvation for us.

There are times when we feel utterly helpless. Unlike Jesus, we really are helpless. We cannot save ourselves or others. We are completely dependent on the one who allowed himself to be treated as helpless and to be nailed to The Cross for us.

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