Risen (Mark 16:1-8)

Mark gives the briefest of details as we come to the empty tomb. All of the other Gospel writers provide more detail which fleshes out our understanding of Resurrection Sunday.  The crucial  facts are given though. It’s the women who are first to the tomb. They find it empty and are greeted by a man in white robes (angel).  He tells them that Jesus is risen.  He sends them to tell the others. They struggle with emotions that include fear, trembling and astonishment. Jesus will meet the disciples in Galilee. He goes ahead of them

Big Theme: Jesus has dealt with the problem of sin and defeated death. He is risen.

Questions to Consider

  1. In what way does/should our own response to the empty tomb reflect/echo that of the women?
  2. What attention and significance do we give to the message to Peter that Christ is going ahead of them to Galilee
  1. Conclusion

Mark’s Gospel is foundational to our understanding of what the good news is about Jesus, his life, death and resurrection. This is in many respects a stripped back account which enables us to home in on the crucial details.  We learn here what it means to live in the shadow of the Cross, to choose a way of suffering and service and to know, worship and depend on the true King as we see his kingdom come in our lives.

Mark is therefore a fantastic introduction to Christian faith and so plays an important part in evangelism and basic discipleship. However, there is also much here for established and mature believers as we remember that our who life is lived in light of the Gospel.

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